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Arabella of Red Oak’s Blog Providing Red Oak Senior Resources

Are you searching for guidance when it comes to senior living and wondering, “Where can I find the best resources for seniors near me?”

Because passion is the cornerstone of everything we do, we have many comprehensive answers to common — and uncommon — questions. Our blog full of Red Oak, TX senior resources is our ongoing passion project and your portal into the most relevant senior living topics. Whether we’re updating you on what our communities offer or expanding signature programs in locations near you, we connect you with the vital information you need to live a comfortable and engaging life. Discover new ways to connect with your loved ones, tips to make the most of the many resources at Arabella of Red Oak, and the latest health trends and insights for a fulfilling senior living experience. Check back frequently for the latest updates and resources for seniors near you from Arabella of Red Oak.

Civitas Senior Living | Senior woman meditating

Active Relaxation: Techniques and Their Benefits

Active relaxation techniques for the elderly can reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and combat the depression and anxiety often associated with memory loss. Members of Civitas communities have access to a range of active relaxation …

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Civitas Senior Living | Senior woman and her cat

Benefits of Pets for Seniors

The old saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend, but pets of all types can fill our hearts and fill our days with purpose and joy. If you consider adopting a pet …

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Civitas Senior Living | Alarm clock

What is Sundowners Syndrome?

As a committed caretaker of a senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you likely rigorously track their daily habits. From maintaining their Power of Attorney to tracking their eating habits – you know the importance of …

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Civitas Senior Living | Senior couple caring a carpet

Tips for Decorating Your Senior Living Apartment

After years of dealing with the stresses of homeownership, downsizing to an apartment can be an exciting change. No more worrying about those swaying trees close to the powerline in your backyard. That mounting pile …

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Civitas Senior Living | Nurse taking someone blood pressure

What is the New Normal Blood Pressure for Seniors?

Anyone who has gone to the doctor has had their blood pressure taken as a standard procedure. This vital measurement is the go-to indicator of your circulatory health, composed of your heart and blood vessels. …

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Civitas Senior Living | Senior woman getting a subscription box from her daughter

Subscription Boxes for Seniors

Everyone loves the simple joy of receiving a beautifully wrapped package in the mail. Whether it’s a box of homemade cookies or a handwritten letter, the personalized gesture emits love. You are sure to hear …

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