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Passion is the cornerstone of everything we do. The Civitas Senior Living Blog is our latest passion project and your launchpad into the hottest topics in senior living. Whether updating you on what our communities offer or expanding signature programs in locations near you, we connect you with the vital information you need to live a comfortable and engaging life. Discover new ways to connect with your loved ones, tips to make the most of the many resources at Civitas Senior Living, and the latest health trends and insights for an invigorating senior living experience. Check back frequently for the latest updates and blogs from Civitas Senior Living.

The Grand | Senior woman and her daughter looking at photots

Types of Dementia and Memory Care in Louisville, KY

According to the World Health Organization, 55 million people worldwide have dementia. This condition affects cognitive functions such as memory, language, problem-solving, and judgment. While there are many types of dementia, the most common type
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Elk Creek | Senior couple laughing in bed

Senior Assisted Living Apartments: A Better Choice for Seniors

Preparing for retirement means considering many factors, like how our needs and abilities change and what kind of environment will be best. Adult children of senior parents may need to help them evaluate their living
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The Difference Between Senior Care and Senior Living in North Austin

In North Austin, Texas, senior living and senior care are two related but distinct concepts that cater to the needs of older adults in the community. Which situation do you find yourself in: Are you
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Cambridge Court | Smile, family and an adult daughter hugging a senior mom in a backyard or park for happiness

Understanding the Purpose of Assisted Living: A Guide for Adult Children

In this article, we will explore the purpose of assisted living, with a particular focus on Mesquite and Sunnyvale assisted living communities. When planning for the future, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of assisted
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Avenues of Fort Bend | Staff members celebrating administrative day

The Leadership Behind Senior Care Near Houston

Welcome to The Avenues of Fort Bend! We’re your premier senior living community just a short drive from the bustling city of Houston, TX. As the Executive Director of this wonderful community, I am excited
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Civitas Senior Living | Senior couple painting with their daughter

The Power of Art Therapy For Seniors

Art therapy projects for seniors provide a wide range of mental and physical benefits. They are an excellent way for seniors to socialize, have fun, and make new friends! What is art therapy for seniors?
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StoneCreek of Copperfield | Happy group of seniors preparing food and socializing

The Importance of Senior Living Specialists in Houston, TX

Welcome to StoneCreek of Copperfield, a premier senior living community in Houston, Texas! We understand the importance of specialized care and support for seniors as they navigate different stages of their lives. Are you seeking:
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Double Creek | Staff members gathered for a photo

Who is Working in Senior Living in Round Rock, TX?

Welcome to Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care, a senior living community nestled in the heart of Round Rock, Texas. As the Executive Director of this vibrant community, I am excited to introduce you
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Arabella of Red Oak | Senior woman smiling and embracing with caregiver

Understanding Memory Loss and Memory Care Near Waxahachie, Texas

The delicate balance of memory and cognition can vary among individuals with age. While some may encounter only subtle memory lapses associated with the natural aging process, others may face early indicators pointing towards Alzheimer’s
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The Grand | Senior woman smiling and looking through photos with younger man

How to Navigate Alzheimer’s Care in Louisville, KY

If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you will likely face many challenges. This type of dementia progresses through four stages, and each stage presents new difficulties. In the early stages, your loved
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Avenues of Fort Bend | Group of seniors having fun playing Chess

What’s up with Senior Living in Missouri City, TX?

Welcome to The Avenues of Fort Bend, a vibrant senior living community in the heart of Missouri City, Texas. Where is Missouri City, Texas? We’re located in the thriving Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. Missouri
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Arabella of Red Oak | Group of seniors talking and embracing

Signs of Caregiver Burnout and How to Find Relief with Assisted Living

Pecan Hill, TX, is a town with a growing senior population, and many family members are providing care for seniors. Caring for a senior loved one is rewarding, but it can be physically and emotionally
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