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Civitas Senior Living Celebrates 12 Years of Service and Commitment

FORT WORTH, TX— Civitas Senior Living, a Texas-owned and operated leader in senior care, is celebrating its 12th anniversary. Since 2012, Civitas’ unique model has proven to be an impactful and successful differentiator in the industry with 34 communities. Its locally operated communities intimately understand and prioritize the unique needs of their residents through signature programming, high dedication, and passionate care.

Civitas Senior Living | Civitas co-founder speaking to a resident
Civitas Senior Living’s dedication to seniors began in Fort Worth, TX. Twelve years later, we provide passionate senior living nationwide.

A Texas Story Rooted in Passion

Founded with the mission to redefine senior living and created by operators who are driven by a deep respect and love for older adults, Civitas has grown into a trusted name by consistently prioritizing the well-being and happiness of its residents.

Wayne Powell, Co-Founder and CEO, embodies the personal dedication at Civitas’s core. Raised by his grandparents, Wayne’s lifelong commitment to senior care began in high school and has driven Civitas to create vibrant, supportive communities for older adults. Civitas’ dedicated leadership team plays a crucial role in maintaining the company’s high standards.

This 12-year milestone celebrates the company’s growth and is a testament to its relentless dedication to cultivating a family-like atmosphere throughout its communities.

Creating Community Through Partnerships

One of Civitas Senior Living’s distinguishing features is its strong local partnerships. These collaborations enable Civitas to offer personalized, high-quality services that enrich the lives of its residents. Civitas works closely with community partners, from health care providers to local businesses, to create a supportive and engaging environment for seniors.

Local organizations, such as Select Rehabilitation, the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP), and most recently, Blue Bell Creameries, are partnerships that enrich Civitas’ programs, providing access to top-notch care, and bringing moments of joy to its residents.

Local Expertise, Personalized Care

Civitas distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to local leadership. The company’s approach ensures that community operators genuinely understand their residents’ needs and lead each community. Remarkably, the majority of Civitas’ community Executive Directors have been promoted from within, illustrating a commitment to nurturing internal talent and maintaining a genuine connection between team members and residents. This local focus creates a sense of belonging and personalized care that sets Civitas apart.

Passionate Programs

At the heart of Civitas’ culture are the Passion Program and Miracle Moments initiatives. These programs highlight the company’s dedication to creating exceptional living experiences. The Passion Program focuses on delivering heartfelt care, passionate cleanliness, and personalized service. Miracle Moments celebrates residents’ extraordinary achievements and experiences and helps create lasting memories by honoring their unique stories.

Looking to the Future

Civitas remains dedicated to expanding its impact and fostering a passionate, service-minded culture. The company plans to continue doing what they do best: strengthening local partnerships, further innovating senior living experiences, and empowering its team members to create a nurturing environment for their residents.

“For the past 12 years, Civitas Senior Living has been successful because of our commitment to passionate care,” states Misti Powell, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer. “We are proud of our Texas roots and our strong partnerships. By partnering with local organizations and ensuring our communities are managed by teams that genuinely care about our residents, we have created a nurturing and dynamic environment where seniors can thrive.”

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