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Passion is the cornerstone of everything we do. The Civitas Senior Living Blog is our latest passion project and your launchpad into the hottest topics in senior living. Whether updating you on what our communities offer or expanding signature programs in locations near you, we connect you with the vital information you need to live a comfortable and engaging life. Discover new ways to connect with your loved ones, tips to make the most of the many resources at Civitas Senior Living, and the latest health trends and insights for an invigorating senior living experience. Check back frequently for the latest updates and blogs from Civitas Senior Living.

Harvest of Roanoke | Seniors walking in Fall

Autumn Safety Tips for Seniors Considering Assisted Living in the North Roanoke Area

The changing conditions of autumn weather can present significant dangers for older adults. At Harvest of Roanoke, our North Roanoke assisted living facility team is well aware of these potential risks and takes appropriate precautions.
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Clear Fork of Willow Park | Senior woman dining with her family

A Guide to Long-Term Care in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas is a study in contrasts. It’s in the north-central part of the Lone Star state and its fifth-largest city with a population of about one million. Settled in 1849, it still has
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Civitas Senior Living | Happy senior couple discussing retirement savings

Why is the Cost of Senior Living a Good Investment?

Debunking the Myths of Senior Living Are you or a loved one considering independent or assisted living options? Making such a decision can bring up questions and concerns. The main question is how much is
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The Ridglea | Senior woman grabbing orange slices from caretaker

The Benefits of Senior Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas

Life is a journey filled with beautiful moments and challenging steps. As we age, some easy tasks can become burdensome. These hassles leave us with less time to enjoy the golden years. But what if
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The Ridglea | Senior residents out at a restaurant

Assisted Living With Memory Care Residents Can Enjoy Fun Fall Activities in Fort Worth

As autumn colors start to paint the landscape, Fort Worth comes alive with appealing activities for seniors in assisted living and memory care communities. At The Ridglea Senior Living, we understand the importance of these
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Civitas Senior Living | Senior couple use online banking on laptop planning family budget

Helping Seniors Manage Rising Costs

We’re all feeling the pinch of rising costs due to inflation, but seniors are even more likely to worry. Saving for retirement and closely managing your expenses are wise choices, but how do you ensure
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Civitas Senior Living | Senior man and woman sitting on couch with caregiver

The Monthly Cost of Senior Living: Amenities and Benefits

Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Assisted Living Amenities When people think about Assisted Living services, the first thing that often comes to mind is personalized support for seniors. Care services are undoubtedly a crucial aspect
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Civitas Senior Living | Senior couple using their computer on the sofa

Why Move to A Senior Living Community?

Moving to a senior living community can be challenging for seniors and their loved ones. It’s a significant change, often met with resistance due to the fear of losing independence, concerns about cost, and the
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Civitas Senior Living | Group of senior women exercising outside

Cultivating Health, Wellness, and Relaxation for Seniors in Communities

As we age, the importance of maintaining our health and wellness becomes more apparent. There’s much more to life than managing chronic conditions or preventing illness. Older age is a time for preserving our quality
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Civitas Senior Living | Senior man and woman at table looking at monthly expenses

Ask a Senior: How Do People Pay for Senior Living?

Civitas Senior Living residents live out their golden years with extra shine. Our communities exist across the country because every senior should be able to enjoy this lifestyle. However, we understand many retirees are skeptical
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Tech Ridge Oaks | Seniors playing dart game

Why Activities are Essential in Senior Care

Research shows that staying physically active is great for our physical and mental health, especially as we age. Staying socially active is just as important. Engaging with others helps us stay connected and even helps
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The Grand | Senior woman meditating and smiling

The Power of Meditation for Seniors in Louisville, KY

At The Grand Senior Living, we understand that every day is an opportunity to embrace life. Part of this process involves nurturing our minds and caring for our bodies. Our independent living, personal care, and
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