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Service to Others

Fearless Leaders

Leading with Passion

Leadership is more than just a position or title. It’s action and example. At Civitas Senior Living, our servant leaders do more than provide goals and direction for our actions. They show us how it’s done because they understand that passion starts at the top and cascades down to every member of our team. Beyond their wealth of knowledge, experience, and education is the strong determination to transform the senior living industry for the better through innovation, dedication, and love — whether that means rolling out an exciting new program or picking up a broom to help a local community housekeeping crew. That’s because our executive team wants to go beyond their role as company leaders. They want to be industry leaders, too.

Passionate service. Passionate cleanliness. Passionate care.

Civitas Senior Living | Wayne Powell

Wayne Powell

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Civitas Senior Living | Misti Powell

Misti Powell

Co-founder/Chief People Officer

Civitas Senior Living | Jay Dempsey

Jay Dempsey

Co-founder/Managing Partner

Civitas Senior Living | Cooper Vittitow

Cooper Vittitow


Civitas Senior Living | Arabella of Athens | Amy Vittow

Amy Vittitow

Co-founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Civitas Senior Living | Jason Dupont

Jason DuPont

Chief Financial Officer

Civitas Senior Living | Misty Miller

Misty Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Civitas Senior Living | Dionne Motal

Dionne Motal

Chief Human Resources Officer

Civitas Senior Living | Ceri Johnson

Ceri Johnson

Division Vice President of Operations

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