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Serving Seniors With Passion

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A unique story of dedication and a commitment to seniors unfolded in Texas in 2012 with the creation of Civitas. But, the journey truly started years earlier.

Dating back to 2003, Wayne Powell, Civitas Senior Living Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, was starting to reimagine senior living. His vision was to establish communities where residents flourished with happiness and employees were deeply passionate, all while embodying a spirit of service and compassion. Wayne took this opportunity to create what he and his team saw was missing from the senior living industry.

The Story Begins

Civitas Senior Living | Civitas co-founder speaking to a resident

Five people embarked on an extraordinary journey to launch their passion. Wayne, Jay, Misti, Cooper, and Amy’s shared vision, born from years of experience and deep empathy for seniors, became the driving force behind Civitas Senior Living.

Today, their dream fuels a dedicated team of 2,500+ individuals serving more than 5,000 seniors nationwide. From humble beginnings to managing over 30 premier communities, the Civitas Senior Living story is a testament to an unwavering commitment to seniors.

At Civitas Senior Living, we pride ourselves on elevating seniors’ well-being by providing a lifestyle designed with parents and grandparents in mind. Each element of our communities reflects our founders’ vision, honoring older adults and enriching their lives.

Our Passionate Leaders

Civitas Senior Living was born in 2012 out of the opportunity to use ownership to make a genuine difference in the lives of older adults. Our story is embodied by our founders and leaders:

Wayne Powell

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Misti Powell

Co-founder/Chief Program Officer

Jay Dempsey

Co-founder / Managing Partner

Cooper Vittitow

Co-founder/ President

Amy Vittitow

Co-founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Dupont

Chief Financial Officer

Misty Miller


Civitas Senior Living | Founders sitting before the 10th annual meeting

I was fortunate enough to be raised by my grandparents. Through them, I was inspired to give seniors the best care and provide them with a place to call home. That’s why every piece of Civitas has parents and grandparents in mind.


Civitas Senior Living | Two senior residents sitting and laughing

Community is The Civitas Difference

At the heart of Civitas Senior Living lies a profound understanding of what our name signifies. ‘Civitas’ in Latin translates to ‘community.’ This bond is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe in fostering a thriving, supportive community for seniors where passionate service, cleanliness, and care are not just words but a way of life.

Awards of Our Dedication

At Civitas Senior Living, our greatest reward lies in the smiles of our residents, the satisfaction of their families, and the joy that comes from knowing we’ve made a difference. Our CFO, Jason Dupont, perfectly encapsulates this sentiment:

“We’re all in a service industry. Being a service employee means going to a community and seeing the effect of your work on the people you’re serving. And that’s where the joy comes.”

Our founders aren’t just visionaries who set things in motion from the sidelines; they are hands-on, boots-on-the-ground leaders. They regularly visit our communities, interact with residents, and see firsthand the impact of their dedication and hard work. This tangible connection to the communities we serve fuels our passion and inspires us to strive for excellence continuously.

Our commitment to service remained strong even in the face of unprecedented global challenges. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully opened 12 new communities, ensuring seniors had access to high-quality living options when they needed it most.

Civitas Senior Living | Wayne and Misti revealing a mural
Wayne and Misti Powell attending the grand reveal of the mural project at Alexis Pointe Senior Living in Wimberley, TX.

While the joy we derive from serving our communities is our primary motivator, we are also humbled and honored by the recognition we’ve received from industry peers and organizations. These awards and achievements underscore our commitment to providing exceptional senior living experiences and further motivate us to continue innovating and improving.

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Civitas Senior Living | Senior Living Dining award badge for excellence in food and beverage operations
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Civitas Senior Living | Great Place to Work

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