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Passion is the cornerstone of everything we do. The Civitas Senior Living blog is our latest passion project and your launchpad into the hottest topics in senior living. Whether updating you on what our communities offer or expanding signature programs in locations near you, we connect you with the vital information you need to live a comfortable and engaging life.

Our senior care blog helps you discover new ways to connect with loved ones and tips to make the most of Civitas Senior Living’s many resources. Check back frequently for the latest health trends and insights for an invigorating senior living experience. Thank you for choosing Civitas Senior Living as your go-to news source.

Legacy Oaks of Azle | Senior community team members and residents celebrating easter

Special Senior Events Bring Joy to Our Residents

Welcome to a vibrant community where creativity has no age limits. March was a whirlwind of creative activities for seniors at Legacy Oaks of Azle. Our residents have endless self-expression and personal growth opportunities, so ...
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Long Creek | Senior and grandson having dinner

Investigating Common Senior Care Myths

As families begin the journey of finding suitable living arrangements for aging loved ones, they often encounter misconceptions about senior care options. These myths can cloud your judgment and lead to misguided decisions, causing unnecessary ...
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Civitas Senior Living | Seniors painting

Memory Care Companion Rooms Bond Senior Roommates

Families often face difficult decisions in the journey of caring for a loved one with dementia. One of the most challenging is finding the right care setting that feels like home. At Civitas Senior Living ...
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Four residents at a table

North Austin Senior Living Stories: A Veteran and a Former Educator

We have two very special residents here in our north Austin senior living community: Rodney and Georgene. They have shared their unique life journeys with the residents and caregivers at Tech Ridge Oaks. We thought ...
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Ledgestone Senior Living | Community Life

What To Do In Retirement To Keep Busy and Live Passionately

Imagine waking up each day with the freedom to do whatever you like, with no pressure. Sounds exciting, right? This is the moment you’ve worked hard for, and it’s filled with endless possibilities. Retirement means ...
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Legacy Oaks of Azle | Vicki holding up her heart painting

A Retired Nurse is Honored with A Miracle Moment

Imagine hands that once soothed countless patients, now facing limitations. It’s a stark reminder of the fragility and resilience of life. As a retired nurse, Ms. Vicki’s hands have offered comfort and healing for nearly ...
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Harvest of Aledo | Senior painting a bowl

Understanding Signs of Depression in Seniors

A Senior Living Community’s Role in Enhancing Mental Health Seniors may experience depression that’s caused by loneliness, health issues, and life transitions. However, with support and resources, they can find joy and fulfillment. Recognizing signs ...
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Arabella of Athens | Senior woman eating pizza

Six Tips to Encourage Simple Living for Seniors

Embracing a less complicated lifestyle can bring a profound sense of calm and satisfaction, particularly in our retirement years. Simple living for seniors is not only about decluttering physical spaces, though. This holistic approach to ...
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The Ridglea | Senior resdients with a therapy dog

Celebrating Five Years of Partnership in Senior Care

The Ridglea and River Park Medical Clinic for Seniors in Fort Worth As individuals age, they often require specialized, attentive care to manage chronic conditions, navigate health challenges, and maintain an optimal quality of life. ...
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Arabella of Longview | Resident on the news celebrating her miracle moment

A Red Carpet Miracle Moment: The Joys of Senior Acting

At Arabella of Longview Senior Living, we cherish the extraordinary lives of our residents through our Miracle Moments program. This initiative spotlights their unique achievements and stories within our community. Our latest event honored a ...
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Harvest of Aledo | Veterans talking outside

Vietnam Veteran in Assisted Living Receives Miracle Moment

The sacrifices of veterans have penned chapters of freedom that shape our nation’s legacy. It is our duty to provide these distinguished individuals with care, support, and honor. Harvest of Aledo proudly offers assisted living ...
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Tech Ridge Oaks | Resident showing her gardening skills

Understanding Dementia and the Role of Memory Care Centers

Dementia is a significant health challenge that impacts not only the individuals facing it but also their families and caregivers. Seniors who have this condition typically progress through stages, eventually making it impossible for them ...
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