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Athens Senior Community Wines and Dines Resident Couple

Arabella of Athens created a Miracle Moment for one of their couple residents, Dave and May F., with a meal specially made from their favorite restaurant on August 31.

Arabella of Athens | Senior couple posing next to a man dressed as a lobster

“They have a favorite restaurant but, for various reasons, it isn’t very easy to get there anymore,” explains Aubry Gregory, Community Relations Director. “Through some ‘investigative conversations’, we found out exactly what they like to order when they are able to eat at this restaurant and decided to re-create that meal for them. That task became a lot easier when we welcomed our new Chef, Shauna, to our team because she spent years working for this particular restaurant and knew how to make all of their favorite dishes!”

Arabella of Athens | Cooked lobster on a white plateDave and May were treated to a private dining experience complete with their favorite meal, music, and a certain restaurant mascot who made an appearance.

“At Arabella, we take the time to appreciate the history our residents bring when they move to our community. Their knowledge is invaluable, and we love getting the opportunity to soak up as much as we can from them,” shares Aubry. “As our staff gets to know them, we grow a deep sense of respect and admiration for things they have endured or successes they’ve been able to achieve in their lives.”

Dave and May are strong examples of this admiration from the staff. Aubry states their family values, hard work, and relentless perseverance are incredible. They are also very kind to everyone they encounter at Arabella of Athens.

Arabella of Athens | Chef smiling and standing proudly by the food she coooked“They are willing to welcome new residents with open arms, take time to ask how a staff member is doing, and get to know them in such a genuine way, and find something good in every day…. even when that seems hard to do,” she adds. “If they mention something they are dealing with, it is never to complain and their “woes” are usually downplayed a lot because they have no desire to complain. We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to get to know them both.”

Fort Worth-based operator of Arabella, Civitas Senior Living, has a Miracle Moment program with the goal to create new and exciting memories in each of their communities. Because of the program, residents have had numerous parties and reunions, planned vow renewals, enjoyed hot air balloon rides, gone two-stepping, and walked marathons.


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