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Getting Creative: Senior Activities Bring Joy to Residents

Welcome to a vibrant community where creativity has no age limits. The past few months have been a whirlwind of creative activities for seniors at The Avenues of Fort Bend in Missouri City, TX. Our residents have endless self-expression and personal growth opportunities, so their calendars are always full!

These five events are just a few of the kind and creative activities for seniors they have enjoyed participating in recently. Each day brings new choices for them to take advantage of. We’re excited to share the details and photos – nothing makes us happier than seeing the joy on their faces.

The Art Throbs Club Visited the Majestic Rocky Mountains

Under the skilled guidance of our Art Throbs Club facilitator, The Avenues of Fort Bend residents embarked on a journey to capture the majestic Rocky Mountains on canvas. The group unleashed their talents and painted stunning mountain scenes in colorful, textured masterpieces.

“Creativity knows no bounds, and our residents continue to amaze us with their artistic talents,” said Grecia Bolton Norman, Executive Director at The Avenues of Fort Bend. “The Art Throbs Club provides a platform for self-expression and joy while keeping our residents mentally and physically engaged.”

The session also served as a nostalgic escape for many residents, transporting them to cherished memories of mountain adventures and inspiring a sense of wanderlust. There were lively discussions and laughter, strengthening the bonds within the community.

We Volunteered for Kids’ Meals

At The Avenues of Fort Bend, Activity Director Christopher Perez is a goldmine of creative activity ideas for seniors. He finds ways for seniors to give back to their community, like volunteering to help a local charity, Kids’ Meals. On this special day, Christopher and his group prepared packaged meals for families in need in the greater Houston area.

Avenues of Fort Bend | Here’s Chris and the Kids’ Meals volunteer group, giving back to the community.
Here’s Chris and the Kids’ Meals volunteer group, giving back to the community.

Our volunteers were also excited to have new volunteer shirts to wear for this event and future ones. Christopher’s energy and enthusiasm for his role are evident, and residents are lucky to have him in the role.

“Christopher moved into the role of Activity Director last year and has been amazing in it,” shared Norman.

“I think it’s really important to stay engaged in our local community,” added Christopher. “There are always worthy causes to support and ways we can give back – and we get more chances to wear our new shirts!”

A Centenarian Birthday Bash

One of our supportive retirement home’s most exciting February events was a 100th birthday party for our beloved resident, Ms. Doris. Born on February 7, 1924, she has witnessed a century of history and experienced the evolution of the world around her.

A cherished member of our senior living community, Doris brings joy to those around her. “Doris is such a delightful presence,” said Norman. “She lights up around her family and loves our events and activities here. We’re so happy she’s found a wonderful home here.”

The Avenues of Fort Bend community extended its warmest congratulations to Doris on reaching this incredible milestone. Her 100th birthday celebration was a testament to a life rich in love, family, and the shared experiences of an entire century.

Our Community Blood Drive Partnership

The Avenues of Fort Bend also announced a new partnership with MD Anderson to host a recent community blood drive. This significant event aimed to replenish local blood banks and potentially save lives.

This blood drive was an opportunity for our residents, caregivers, families, and local community members to make a difference. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. A single blood donation can help up to three patients in need.

“We were excited to partner with MD Anderson for this crucial initiative,” said Norman. “By bringing the community together through this blood drive, we positively impacted those in need.”

Creative DIY Carrot Wreaths

Avenues of Fort Bend | A carrot a day makes for a very happy Easter craft, courtesy of the Art Throbs Club!
A carrot a day makes for a very happy Easter craft, courtesy of the Art Throbs Club!

The Art Throbs Club also hosted one of our most popular creative senior activities in March. Residents got into the Easter spirit by making handcrafted carrot wreaths to use as festive door decorations.

Using colorful craft supplies and their artistic talents, the residents transformed simple materials into charming carrot wreaths, ready to decorate their doors and spread Easter cheer throughout The Avenues.

“We’re so impressed with the creativity and excitement our residents brought to this project,” said Norman. “The carrot wreaths were a great way for our residents to personalize their living spaces and celebrate the upcoming holiday together.”

Our My Activities Program: Passion With a Purpose

The Avenues of Fort Bend caregiving team believes every day is an opportunity to explore new passions, express oneself, and foster meaningful connections. Our dedication to enriching the lives of seniors goes beyond mere care; it extends to providing engaging and fulfilling experiences.

In addition to our Art Throb Club and special events, our My Activities program offers:

  • Green Thumb Club
  • Outreach Club
  • My Miracle Moment
  • Resident Spotlight
  • Fit For You
  • Housewarming Party

My Legacy Program

The beloved residents in our memory care community, The Cottage, also enjoy daily activities geared toward their specific needs:

  • My Sensory Program
  • My Story Assessment
  • My Hand Towel Aromatherapy
  • My Story Album
  • My Legacy Box
  • My Purpose
  • My Dining
  • My Table Stations
  • My Passionate Activities

The next time you search “55 plus communities near me,” remember that creative senior activities play a significant role in a resident’s health and well-being. Passion Is Our Purpose, and it shows in everything we do.


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