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Our Safety Protocols

Since February 2020, Civitas Senior Living has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and has implemented standards and protocols to protect the safety of our residents. We understand that we protect the most vulnerable populations that are affected by this virus, and we immediately put in place safety protocols and necessary steps in all of our communities. Civitas Senior Living is committed to protecting our residents and staff during this time. We will continue to take all essential precautions with their health and safety in mind.

Passionate Service, Passionate Care and Passionate Cleanliness. At Civitas Senior living, this means caring for each other, and taking responsible actions to protect our residents and employees and to work to stop the spread of COVID-19. It also means to continue to offer a comforting community and an enjoyable experience to our residents and employees around the country.

We understand family members’ primary concern is the well-being of their loved ones, and we assure you that we continue to take all the recommended precautions to prevent infection. We are following local, state, and federal guidelines and our communities are taking the following actions, including, but not limited to:

Our Clinical Initiatives:

  • Limiting community entry to essential visitors only
  • Recurring temperature checks throughout the day for all residents and employees
  • Enhanced screening in place for all visitors, employees and residents
  • Increased safety and sanitation protocols in place
  • Meals delivered to each resident’s room
  • Access to professional care and equipment 24/7
  • All staff equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), per CDC requirements

Our Resident Engagement:

  • Civitas innovative My Special Friend program provides consistent, purposeful, one-one-one engagement with our residents and helps them stay technologically connected with their loved ones
  • Food and beverage trolleys throughout the community
  • A community “General Store” for access to resident’s essentials
  • Soda Shop for Family Visitation (Window Visits or In-Person Visits based on CDC, state and local guidance)

Our Communication Enhancements:

  • The Civitas Pandemic Executive Team provides daily updates and initiatives to local community staff
  • Consistent updates via website, social media and internal family communications
  • A Frequently Asked Questions video series from the Civitas Pandemic
  • Executive Team for employees and families
  • A dedicated email channel and a hotline number that is manned 24/7 and is dedicated to COVID-19 questions and concerns

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