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My Activities

Assisted Living Passion Program

The My Activities program at Civitas Senior Living is the most comprehensive part of our signature Passion Program. That’s because we understand how important engagement is in a resident’s overall wellness. Through My Activities, we explore and celebrate our residents’ stories, memories, and milestones while empowering them to make new ones. We help residents challenge their minds, exercise their bodies, soothe their souls, bond with their caregivers, enjoy new friendships, and try new and exciting things. My Activities is how we invite our residents to have the time of their lives, every single day.

Housewarming Party

What better way is there to say, “Welcome!” than a party? Each new resident that moves in enjoys a special opportunity to meet new people and make new friends within their new community at a Housewarming Party. We understand that home is where the heart is, and we want our residents to feel all of the love that surrounds them. The Housewarming Party helps our residents settle in and be more comfortable in their new environment.

My Passionate Activities

Caring for a Civitas Senior Living resident involves more than just basic physical and wellness support. Here, we know that mental and social stimulation are critical to a better quality of life. That’s what makes our activities program different. Every day, we create an inviting atmosphere of fellowship, engage at least three of the five senses, and bring fun and exciting experiences to life through the My Passionate Activities program.

Examples of possible My Passionate Activities:

Walking Club • Tai Chi and Yoga • Wii Bowling Competitions • Interactive Games • Gardening • Horseshoes • Bowling • Golf • Meet and Greets • Community Choir • Crafts • Sewing Club • Cards Club • Men’s Coffee • Photography Class • Cooking Class • Computer Class • Bible Study • Praise and Worship • Pet Therapy • Special Movie Feature • Outside Entertainment • Restaruant Outings • And More!

Fit For You

Fit For You is an evidence-based brain and fitness workout designed to assist in slowing the progression of dementia by helping to increase the neuroplasticity of the brain. We train both our Activity Director and Memory Care Coordinator to lead this activity for our residents every day. Our residents love doing their daily chair exercises to music together!

Green Thumb Club

We believe in the healing art of sunshine and getting your hands dirty. That’s where the Green Thumb Club comes in. It’s an exciting opportunity for Civitas Senior Living residents to share their love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility. Participating residents are assigned tasks to complete monthly within the community.

Additionally, the garden-loving residents and staff of the Green Thumb Club have the opportunity to visit nearby gardens and events that feature a variety of plants, herbs, and native flowers. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if a resident is a newbie or an experienced grower. Anyone interested in gardening can join.

Art Throb Club

Our Art Throb Club provides residents with opportunities to participate in fun art activities using studio-quality supplies. Every project is designed to help each resident successfully complete something special and frame-worthy. All art is temporarily displayed on the community art studio wall and is permanently preserved after display within each resident’s My Legacy Album.

Outreach Clubs

We believe that our community goes beyond the walls of Civitas Senior Living and into the surrounding neighborhoods. Therefore, we lovingly and readily accept this outreach responsibility. We want to be part of a greater cause, and it’s crucial that our residents know they’re making a difference. What better way to do that than by lending a helping hand to the surrounding local neighborhoods that support us? That’s why we offer volunteer opportunities through our Outreach Clubs. Outreach projects may include Meals on Wheels, blanket ministry, hospital and rehab visits, military care packages, food/supply drives, and more.

Employee Engagement Program

Our compassionate staff at Civitas Senior Living is what makes us stand out. They are the ones that make a difference in our residents’ lives. What makes them so special? They truly care. Every day they bring their passions, interests, talents, and special qualities to work with them to build a more enriched, engaged environment that helps all of us thrive.

One of the many ways we ask our staff to channel their passion is through our Employee Engagement Program. Through this program, employees design an activity to share with our residents based on the staff member’s own personal interests. This helps our residents get to know our staff better and creates deeper personal relationships between them.

Resident Spotlight

Every one of our residents at Civitas Senior Living comes to us with unique and special stories from the past, and every one of our residents deserves to feel important. Our Resident Spotlight program helps us acknowledge both. Through this program, we recognize and celebrate residents and their stories every month. We choose a different resident each month to feature in the community’s newsletter. The resident is then introduced at our monthly Meet and Greet event and a special Resident Spotlight sign is displayed on their door that month as a special honor.

My Miracle Moment

Our signature My Miracle Moment event enhances our residents’ lives by celebrating special times, events, and memories. Led by the Activity Director and assisted by both the Community Relations Director and the Executive Director, a My Miracle Moment takes place every quarter. The My Miracle Moment is usually a surprise event and family members are invited to the special celebration.

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