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My Passion Pathway

Independent Living Passion Program

We want each and every one of our new residents to feel abundantly welcome in their new home. The My Passion Pathway program helps us customize each move-in experience to provide our new independent living residents with an easier transition. We also want every new resident to know they are loved and their contributions to our community are valued. All of the elements of My Passion Pathway come together to do just that.

My Community Ambassador

Passion breeds passion, and many of our residents love helping others just as much as anyone on our staff. We recognize that those residents who exhibit outward joy and enthusiasm for the Civitas Senior Living experience can help others in their community discover the same. The My Community Ambassador program gives these residents an outlet — we invite them to share their knowledge about our home with new and current residents, alike.

Community Ambassadors enjoy connecting residents with other residents and activities that match their interests. One of the Community Ambassadors’ favorite things to do is host a Welcome Meal in the private dining room for new residents. The Welcome Meall is where we learn more about the new resident: their likes, loves, personal experiences, and how we can make their transition into their new home easier. Sometimes the ambassador’s passion leads new residents to become ambassadors themselves!

Passionate Welcome

We love all of our residents — and we want to personally welcome each and every one of them to our community with a special gift. Our goal is to ensure each resident feels connected to both the staff and the community as a whole. One of the ways we do this is through our Passionate Welcome. The Passionate Welcome is a great way for new residents to meet and connect with management and staff members through personal introductions.

Housewarming Party

Moving into a community is a special time for residents to celebrate with loved ones and experience the exhilaration of meeting new friends and neighbors. It’s a festive time for all when we make every effort to welcome our new residents with warmth and inclusiveness while helping them acclimate to their new surroundings.

The settling-in process becomes easier when residents are comfortable in their new environment. Our community offers a loving culture where friends are near and familiarity is our mainstay. Our Housewarming Party is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted! New residents simply choose a day to have their party within two weeks of move-in and we provide the rest: invitations, party planning, and refreshments. All that’s left for them to do is relax and enjoy time with friends, family, and community members.

Meet and Greet Social

Moving into our independent living community is an exciting time for our seniors. It’s a great opportunity for residents to get involved on a variety of levels while meeting and enjoying new friends and neighbors. That’s why our Recreation Director and Community Ambassadors host a Meet and Greet Social full of refreshments and fun getting-to-know-you activities. This social setting invites residents to exchange stories, discover common interests, become involved in clubs and activities, and learn about different ways to enjoy life at our Civitas Senior Living communities.

My First 30 Days – New Resident Survey

After 30 days, our new independent living residents have had plenty of time to see, taste, and experience life at our Civitas Senior Living community. During that time, many have formed valuable opinions and helpful suggestions regarding our dining options, activity offerings, and housekeeping services. We want to hear it all! The New Resident Survey meeting ensures we are doing everything we can to enrich our residents’ lives. It is how we help them feel safe and secure, but most importantly, heard.

Signature Scent

Fragrances have long been used to enhance the senses, elevate moods, and add ambiance to a space. Our Signature Scent program is uniquely and specifically designed to elicit feelings of comfort and home, where engagement and the bonds of friendship and family are commonly found. Our Signature Scent program is implemented throughout all Civitas communities using our scent-distribution system so that everyone can experience that special feeling of home.

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