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My Wellness

Assisted Living Passion Program

At Civitas Senior Living, our Wellness Team has one goal: to help our residents lead a richer, healthier, happier, and more vibrant life. Our My Wellness program unites our Wellness Team with our residents and their families by employing a variety of innovative techniques and systems to accommodate each resident’s unique wants and needs. This program integrates resident preferences into their care plan and facilitates regular, ongoing communication between all involved parties.

My Wellness Assessment

We identify each resident’s individualized needs and wants upfront through the My Wellness Assessment. This series of questions about each resident’s health, well-being, and desires guides our Wellness Team in creating a custom plan.

A resident’s My Wellness Assessment contains the following:

  • Previous health concerns
  • Current diagnoses and previous surgeries
  • Medication names and schedule
  • Physical abilities and specific assistance needs, such as help buttoning buttons or tying shoelaces
  • Social needs
  • Mental stability and/or related concerns
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, and/or monthly needs
  • Specific times residents prefer to perform daily tasks
  • Food preferences, dislikes, and any allergies
  • Doctors names and their contact information

My Service Agreement

It is important that our compassionate staff be able to replicate a resident’s home life as much as possible through routines and preferences so that each new resident experiences an easier, more productive transition, as well as a pleasurable experience. Information collected during the My Wellness Assessment is used to create an individualized My Service Agreement specific to the resident’s needs. We also account for a resident’s preferences, which we discover through both the assessment and conversations with the resident and their loved ones about their daily routine.

My Care Conference

We are dedicated to making the transition to our community as smooth and pleasurable as possible for each resident and then continuing that experience throughout their time with us. By hosting My Care Conferences on a consistent, scheduled basis, we offer families and their loved ones an opportunity to be heard so we can make any care adjustments and acknowledge their sincere efforts to promote quality of life.

Working together with our Wellness Team, residents and their families will discuss the following in the My Care Conference:

  • The resident’s current level of care as well as their social, physical, and mental well-being
  • The success of any adjustments made to the most recent My Service Agreement
  • Changes in any conditions that the resident has experienced and any anticipated future changes as a response
  • Any updates to the current My Service Agreement
  • Concerns and solutions that help our Wellness Team and caregivers deliver the most personalized care possible

The Passionate Pass

At Civitas Senior Living, we believe that dignity is a right that belongs to everyone. That’s why we designed our medication management program, The Passionate Pass. This program emphasizes dignified, respectful medication management and supervision so our residents can maintain their self-respect while still receiving the quality care they need. By regularly coordinating the resident’s medication needs with their primary care physician, the Civitas Wellness Team can ensure a medication management program that fits the resident’s needs.

Innovative Technical Integration

We have perfected a deeply-layered, integrated system to deliver a seamless, pleasurable living experience unparalleled in the senior care industry. We provide the quality of life that is our hallmark by marrying the most advanced service system software with honed processes and a well-trained, passionate staff.

Some of the technical integrations we have successfully incorporated to promote a higher standard of care include:

  • Electronic medication administration record system
  • Automatic medication refills
  • Medication alerts
  • Real-time medication analysis
  • Powerful health care platform that streamlines support, data entry, and health data access to facilitate care that is consistent, secure, and safe.
  • Point-of-Care task sheet program for consistent care across shift changes
  • Notify System: A call system that combines an activated, wearable pendant and a bed or chair alarm that automatically pages the resident’s Care Attendant when pressed

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