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Our Passionate Employee

Independent Living Passion Program

Conscientious, compassionate, and committed. These are the kind of people we aim to recruit and reward at Civitas Senior Living because we believe providing the best possible care for our residents starts with hiring and retaining the best possible staff.

Our Passionate Employee helps us do just that. Through this program, we recruit and retain a passionate workforce by offering achievable, customizable tools and resources developed specifically to help every staff member reach their greatest potential. We believe that the more we invest in our employees, the better suited they are to give our residents the utmost care.

The Passionate Attitude

At Civitas Senior Living, passion is a way of life. Our employees even say that what they do here is their calling. That’s why we as a community have created a culture of kindness, confidence, joy, and purpose. The Passionate Attitude is the foundation of this culture. It’s what helps us be intentional in our efforts to bring forth the very best to every resident.

Employee Recognition

It’s no secret that the special moments for our residents are a direct result of the extraordinary efforts of our employees. We relish the act of celebrating our employees’ personal and professional milestones as a community, as often as we can.

  • My Birthday: When an employee’s birthday comes around, it’s time to celebrate! Toasting our fellow employees on their special days publicly acknowledges the passionate work they do and reminds them of how happy we are to have them as part of our residents’ lives. Through staff celebrations, a special dessert, and other tokens of appreciation, we show how much our staff members matter to the entire community.
  • My Anniversary: Over the course of every year, Civitas Senior Living employees grow professionally and personally. Plus, our residents receive consistent, quality care from staff members they have come to know and trust. Therefore, we feel it is our honor to award the achievement of a yearly anniversary. To do so, each employee receives a card personally signed by our entire staff on their anniversary date.
  • Name Badge Recognition: At Civitas Senior Living, we know our employees are a huge part of our success. Our goal is to always honor and celebrate the staff contributions that make our communities home. One of the ways we do this is our Name Badge Recognition program in which special recognition pins — such as Employee of the Month and years of service — are proudly worn by our honored staff members.
  • Caught You Caring: Passion in love. Passion in life. Passion in doing something wonderful, every day. Our beloved Caught You Caring program celebrates our staff’s passion and posts it for the entire community and its visitors to see. Simply put, Caught You Caring recognizes those who go above and beyond the day-to-day tasks of their jobs — and we love it.
  • Employee of the Month: All month long, notes about employees who show exemplary service for our residents and team members are highlighted on our Caught You Caring board. It is from these employees that the Employee of the Month is selected and honored.

Continuing Education Reimbursement

We believe that education is not only key to the career growth and advancement of our employees but to the quality of life of our residents as well. That’s why we are here to

support many of the continuing education aspirations of our passionate staff. Through our reimbursement program, we offer a variety of ways for them to advance their education and certification.

Whether their interests lie in pursuing a long-term degree or they lean more toward certifications and conferences critical to boosting their industry knowledge, we offer a variety of program options to suit their needs.

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