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Dementia Live

Dementia Live is a high-impact, dementia simulation and sensitivity training experience that immerses participants into what it could be like to live life with cognitive impairment and sensory change. The program consists of three parts: preparation, experience, and empowerment. First, participants modify their sensory abilities. They wear special glasses that give them tunnel vision, gloves to simulate the loss of dexterity, and headphones playing loud, distracting noises to mimic the confusion of dementia. Then, a coach puts them through a scenario where they have to try and listen to and follow directions for simple tasks, like sorting silverware.

Finally, participants engage in an educational session to discuss the experience and learn how to better care for someone with dementia using tools like positive reinforcement. Through this hands-on learning experience, family members and loved ones of residents with dementia are given increased awareness, empathy, compassion, and understanding of the constant struggles affecting persons with dementia as they go about their daily lives. It also provides them with tools to improve both communication and engagement with their loved one, thereby increasing the quality of their visits.

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