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Comfort and Companionship: Arabella of Red Oak Partners with The Grand Baby Project

Arabella of Red Oak, a leading senior living community dedicated to enhancing the lives of its residents, is thrilled to announce its partnership with The Grand Baby Project, a charity specializing in providing life-like therapy dolls for dementia care.

Arabella of Red Oak | Two caregivers holding baby dolls for The Grand Baby Project
Here are our wonderful caregivers Megan Tobias (l) sitting with Erinn Mugford (r), holding The Grand Baby Project dementia therapy dolls.

Megan Tobias, the Community Relations Director for Arabella of Red Oak, expressed her excitement about the program, emphasizing the positive influence it will have on the memory care residents. “This initiative aims to bring comfort, companionship, and purpose to our residents with memory challenges,” she shares.

Dementia Therapy Dolls Reduce Agitation and Wandering

A recent National Library of Medicine study outlines the benefits of doll therapy versus standard therapy, and the outcomes specifically related to delirium and caregiver burden. Doll therapy was more effective in reducing agitation and aggressiveness compared to standard therapy; it also globally reduced dysphoria, wandering, and apathy. The incidence of delirium was reduced in study subjects, and there was also a significant reduction in the professional caregiver burden.

The Grand Baby Project Special Events

Tonja Moon, the owner of The Grand Baby Project, conducted a comprehensive training session for Arabella of Red Oak team members on November 15, 2023. The participants received dementia therapy doll training certificates from the Dementia Society of America, further solidifying their commitment to providing exceptional care. Tonja also addressed attendees during the Walking With You dementia support meeting that same day, explaining the significant benefits and impact of The Grand Baby Project.

As a culmination of this valuable partnership, Arabella of Red Oak hosted a baby shower and delivery day on December 7. Before the event, independent living residents at Arabella of Red Oak actively participated by dressing the dolls and crafting blankets for dementia care residents. This collaborative effort exemplifies the community’s dedication to creating a supportive, engaging environment for all residents.

Arabella of Red Oak is Grateful for This Opportunity

The Grand Baby Project is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of seniors with dementia by providing life-like therapy dolls. These dolls offer comfort, companionship, and purpose to individuals facing the challenges of dementia, enhancing their overall quality of life. Click here for more information about The Grand Baby Project.

This initiative would not have been possible without the generous support of several companies and individuals who sponsored 39 dolls for the community:

  • Darn Good Catering
  • Relax and Swim
  • Rachel Domok, Executive Director of Daymark Living
  • Donna Purvis, Wellness Director of Daymark Living
  • Daymark Living
  • Select Rehabilitation
  • Fences by Hector Lopez
  • The UPS Store of Red Oak
  • Kristy Smith
  • Gloria Gowins

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