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How Seniors Benefit From Renting in Our Flagstaff Community

Homeownership has its advantages, but for many seniors, a point comes when the cons overshadow the pros. Sure, there’s the pride of owning a property and mortgage interest tax deductions, but keeping up with cleaning, paying the bills, and maintenance can become too challenging.

The latter is especially true with older homes since they often need costly, extensive repairs. Adding accessibility features like grab bars and moving the bedroom to the first floor are options, but upgrades like those can cost thousands of dollars.

The Bluffs of Flagstaff is located in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, a retirement destination known for its stunning mountain views, pine forests, and cultural diversity. Our Flagstaff community offers three lifestyle options with luxurious accommodations, convenient services, and amenities. Many of our seniors are former homeowners who love their easier, Flagstaff lifestyles – the benefits are numerous and well worth your consideration.

The Bluffs of Flagstaff | Senior drinking wine with her friends
Our Bluffs of Flagstaff residents never worry about mowing the lawn or fixing the dishwasher. Cheers!

The Financial Stability of Renting at The Bluffs of Flagstaff

Renting at The Bluffs of Flagstaff can work out better financially because you can enjoy a high quality of life without the stress of property ownership. Monthly mortgage and property tax payments can seem overwhelming when the fluctuating costs of newer homes and tax increases are figured in, particularly in Flagstaff, AZ. Houses for sale in desirable neighborhoods can be unaffordable for seniors – if you can find any available in this seller’s market.

Monthly homeownership expenses typically include mortgage principal and interest, property taxes, and insurance. Depending on where you live, there might also be homeowners’ association dues (HOA), utilities, cable, water, sewer, and landscaping costs. Our residents don’t worry about all that; they aren’t concerned about property taxes and pay a simple, all-inclusive monthly fee.

Independent Living vs. 55+ Communities

If you’re considering Flagstaff, AZ houses for sale in 55+ communities, it’s important to understand how those compare to independent living. Some of those age-restricted properties have rentals but most of the time, the new and resale homes must be purchased. Homeowners pay mortgage payments plus association fees that can fluctuate, like property taxes.

Age-restricted properties like 55+ communities usually don’t have on-site housekeeping, laundry, and interior maintenance services – those get paid for separately through private contractors. Landscaping might be provided and paid for through the association. The on-site amenities vary widely – they typically have clubhouses and may have on-site restaurants where residents pay per meal. Expect to drive to those amenities, especially in larger communities.

Independent living communities like The Bluffs of Flagstaff have another important advantage over those properties because of the continuity of care. Here, you or your loved one won’t need to move to another property if your needs change. We have assisted living and memory care services, so the transition is much easier. Our personalized care plans change according to your lifestyle, with individualized support and services.

Maintenance-Free Living in Flagstaff

Living in Flagstaff-area homes often comes with the never-ending challenge of interior and exterior maintenance. Yet as we get older, chores like mowing the lawn, mulching, replacing appliances, and making repairs can become difficult; these tasks also take up valuable time.

Even after you spend hours locating a contractor to do the work, the quality and consistency might fall below your standards. Besides that, many people don’t feel comfortable letting strangers into their homes.

At our community, our residents enjoy newfound freedom and maintenance-free Flagstaff lifestyles:

  • Housekeeping and laundry service
  • Restaurant-style dining, including a pub, bistro, and wine bar
  • Emergency call system
  • Trash removal
  • Scheduled local transportation
  • 24-hour staff on-site
  • On-site therapy provided by Select Rehabilitation

Less Cooking and Cleaning Up After Meals

We get it: Seniors enjoy the luxury of not having to cook, but it’s also nice to prepare meals for yourself, family, and friends in the privacy of your apartment. That’s why our Flagstaff senior community offers different options to suit our residents’ lifestyles.

Our culinary team treats every dining experience like a gourmet event, with a restaurant-quality main dining room, bistro, and a pub and wine bar. We even have a private dining room and an outdoor kitchen. Each residence also includes a full kitchen, so you don’t need to get dressed for breakfast when you don’t feel like it!

More Opportunities for Social Connections

So what do our residents do with all that extra free time? They live inspired lifestyles. The Bluffs of Flagstaff is more than just a place to call home; it’s a vibrant community that prioritizes holistic well-being. We elevate the overall living experience with on-site conveniences and opportunities for social interaction and enrichment.

Here is a sample of the on-site amenities that our residents take advantage of:

  • Garages and covered parking
  • Hair salon
  • Fitness center
  • Indoor pool
  • Putting green
  • Interior courtyard
  • Outdoor garden areas
  • Walking trails
  • Dog yards and a dog spa

And that’s only the beginning; wait until you have a look at all the events on our activities calendar! From morning to evening, something exciting is always going on in our community.

Flagstaff Homeownership vs. Our Flagstaff Senior Community

A Flagstaff home you’ve lived in for years can provide a sense of familiarity, but The Bluffs of Flagstaff embodies the essence of home without the stress of property ownership. We have four apartment floor plans ranging from 651 to 1,499 square feet; our largest model has three bedrooms. The advantages are undeniable: secure, maintenance-free living, endless social opportunities, and a welcoming community atmosphere in one of the loveliest parts of Arizona.

Still, we understand that moving into a senior community can seem like a daunting decision and should not be an impulsive choice. That’s why we recommend comparing the advantages of residences at The Bluffs to the current living situation and homes for sale in Flagstaff. Our hassle-free lifestyle might be just what you need.


Experience the Benefits of The Bluffs of Flagstaff

If you’re ready to step outside the box of homeownership, renting an apartment in our Flagstaff senior community can be the right answer—Love Where You Live. Live a Life You Love.

Contact us to experience our benefits and services in person.

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