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There are Better Options for Seniors Than Living Alone

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, frightened by a strange sound? Fortunately, it’s usually just a neighbor coming home or a curious pet poking around. That doesn’t mean you won’t be scared and lying awake for hours, though – and imagine how an aging parent feels when that happens.

Civitas Senior Living | Senior friends smiling for a photo
These best buds belong together and met at a Civitas Senior Living community!

There is a clear alternative to living with that kind of stress. At Civitas Senior Living, we treasure our beloved residents and offer better options for seniors and their loved ones. It helps to understand the big picture, though. Here are some of the risks associated with living alone and why our communities are true havens for older adults.

Seniors Face Risks When Living Alone

Break-ins are one danger homeowners face; other risks include slipping on icy driveways and forgetting to turn off the stove. Seniors can be particularly vulnerable to those threats and others, especially when they are frail and live alone. The need for reliable home safety systems and attentive care is paramount.

Falls and Accidents

Our bodies change as we grow older, making us more susceptible to falls and accidents. Here’s why:

  • Loss of flexibility
  • Slower reaction times
  • Bones become more brittle
  • Muscles become weaker
  • Maintaining balance is harder

At least 60 percent of senior falls occur in the home. When there are fewer hazards present and people to help, older adults are less likely to fall and get hurt.

Overlooked Illnesses and Injuries

Having family members visit and hiring housekeepers are two options for seniors living alone, but your loved one could become injured or ill without anyone recognizing the symptoms. Or, they might not be able to prevent the spread of bacteria or keep a wound clean.

Other seemingly harmless symptoms include worsening confusion, low-grade consistent pain, or a worsening cough. At Civitas Senior Living communities, our team members love our residents and are trained to recognize when attention is needed. We know that “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” isn’t always an indicator of a resident’s health and well-being.

Mismanaging Prescriptions

About 90% of seniors in this country take at least one prescription medication, but close to 40% take five or more. The latter can be challenging for anyone. But organizing and remembering to take them is even harder for people who:

  • Can’t read the fine print
  • Don’t see the difference between their pills
  • Have memory challenges

Taking medication in the wrong ways can cause devastating consequences.


As years pass, preparing food and cleaning up can become difficult. And when people live alone, they often feel less motivated to cook for one. Keeping up with their changing dietary needs can also be difficult, adding limitations they dislike or don’t follow. Skipping meals and microwaving unhealthy foods is easy but contributes to malnutrition.

At Civitas Senior Living, we know that seniors need proper nutrition to live their best, healthiest lives. Our My Food Program is all about personalized culinary experiences, with upscale food served in comfortable dining rooms. Ask us about:

  • My Recipe
  • My Community Signature Dish
  • My Birthday Meal
  • Themed Dinners
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Weekly Chef Features
  • Seasonal Sips
  • MINDful Menu
  • Chef Selections

Would you rather microwave a frozen meal or join friends in a dining room, choose from a menu, and be served by friendly team members? Peace of mind for seniors is also about not worrying about eating the right foods or spending hours in the kitchen.

Isolation, Loneliness, and Anxiety

For many seniors, the biggest threats to their safety are isolation, loneliness, and anxiety. Living alone can be unhealthy because human beings crave community and connection. People who feel lonely, depressed, or anxious will be less interested in taking care of themselves or their homes, have sleeping problems, and experience no appetite.

Senior Living Options That Provide Peace of Mind

Our assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities offer excellent options for seniors living alone. Over the years, Civitas Senior Living has provided homelike environments that encourage a sense of belonging and, most importantly, the opportunity for peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones.

Our residents experience a level of safety that exceeds what is found in private homes and buildings. From monitored entrances to 24/7 surveillance, the commitment to ensuring the well-being of residents is evident. We also provide electronic sign-ins for visitors, background checks for team members, and scheduled transportation for residents.

The careful planning and implementation of these protocols make our communities ideal for those seeking a protective living arrangement. This consistent access to assistance is a vital aspect of the frameworks of all our communities.

Play Video about Civitas Senior Living | Senior woman doing an interview about the benefits of senior living communitites

Our Exceptional Civitas Caregivers

Civitas Senior Living communities have skilled, compassionate team members on-site 24-7, and innovative technologies that elevate care – residents navigate their daily lives with the assurance that professional help is just a call away.

Our supportive dynamic contributes to our residents’ health and emotional well-being. They feel comfortable in their surroundings and empowered by the relationships they have built. That kind of atmosphere is the cornerstone of peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones, and we’re passionate about providing that service.


We Bring Joy to Our Residents

Imagine living where passionate service, passionate cleanliness, and passionate care are at the core of the community. We truly care about peace of mind for seniors and bring joy to them, their loved ones, and our team members. Contact us today to tour one of our communities with multiple levels of senior living options.

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