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Round Rock Senior Community Makes Every Day an Adventure with Engaging Activities

Fun is always on the agenda at Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care. From lighthearted pranks to artistic endeavors and culinary delights, the community has been a haven of exciting activities committed to keeping residents active, engaged, and having fun.

At Double Creek, it’s the residents who make the fun happen. Recently, resident Claire masterminded a playful scheme at the expense of the Regional Maintenance Director, Jason. Claire claimed she had a ‘lot of water’ in her room. Jason arrived promptly and was ready to address the issue. However, upon entering Claire’s room, he was met with a surprising—and ultimately humorous—sight: a collection of strategically placed water bottles on the floor. The incident was captured on camera, with Jason erupting in laughter upon the reveal.

In addition to laughter, Double Creek proves that staying active doesn’t have to be ordinary.

Experimenting with Art

Residents recently combined creative expression with a touch of friendly competition. After a morning exercise session, they tackled crafting beautiful flower arrangements using paintbrushes. The activity went beyond simply using paintbrushes as stems. Residents were encouraged to experiment with different techniques, such as fanning out bristles to create voluminous blooms or using the entire brush as a single, bold flower. The final arrangements were a vibrant display of colors, textures, and artistic expression.

Residents continued to get more active with a “noodle soccer” game, adding a twist to a classic activity. This unique activity occurred indoors, with residents seated comfortably in their chairs. Using pool noodles as makeshift paddles, they hit a beach ball back and forth, getting their exercise in a more fun way.

Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care | Residents playing noodle soccer
Residents at Double Creek Senior Living in Round Rock love staying involved in fun activities like noodle soccer!

One of the highlights of Double Creek’s recent activities was Chef Chris’s cooking demonstration at The Cottage, our intimate memory care area. Chris’s passion for food shines through as he demonstrates delicious recipes, inspiring residents to try their hand in the kitchen. Residents gathered to watch Chef Chris showcase his culinary skills, whipping up delectable dishes that tantalized the senses. From watching the preparation to tasting the finished product, these cooking demos provide a delightful social experience.

These are just a few examples of the many engaging activities offered at Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care. The community is committed to providing a vibrant lifestyle that promotes independence, well-being, and a sense of belonging.

“At Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care, we believe that an active and engaged lifestyle is essential for overall well-being,” said Kerri Coffield, Activities Director of Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care. “We strive to create a fun and stimulating environment where residents can connect, explore new interests, and rediscover their passions. From playful pranks to artistic pursuits and culinary adventures, our activities calendar offers something for everyone.”

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