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Red Oak Seniors Sparkle With Creativity: The Diamond Dot Divas Shine Bright

Arabella of Red Oak recently hosted an enchanting afternoon filled with creativity and laughter as the Diamond Dot Divas indulged in the art of diamond painting.

The Diamond Dot Divas, a crafting group within the community, gathered for an afternoon of artistic expression, turning their masterpieces into dazzling works of art. Under the guidance of Ms. Nella, the group delved into the intricate world of diamond painting, infusing each stroke with laughter and camaraderie.

“The Diamond Dot Divas had a sparkling afternoon together, making everything shine like a diamond!” said Amanda Barron, Executive Director at Arabella of Red Oak. “We are dedicated to providing our residents with opportunities for creativity, laughter, and connection, and events like these reaffirm the joy and camaraderie that thrive within our community.”

Diamond painting, a captivating hobby blending elements of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, has become a beloved pastime worldwide. Arabella of Red Oak’s embrace of this creative outlet underscores its commitment to fostering an enriching and engaging environment for its residents.

The Diamond Dot Divas showcase their artistic talents and serve as a testament to the vibrant community spirit at Arabella of Red Oak.


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