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Civitas Senior Living Helps Residents Live With Passion

Imagine a place where seniors are living vibrantly. A place where health and happiness go hand-in-hand, where every day is filled with fun activities, and where social connections are encouraged and celebrated.

Welcome to the communities of Civitas Senior Living. We understand the profound impact that senior social groups have on overall well-being.

As we age, maintaining an active social life can become increasingly challenging. Yet, research shows that socialization is vital for seniors, significantly influencing their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Lack of social interaction and group activities can lead to isolation, depression, and even a decline in physical health.

At Civitas Senior Living, we’ve taken these findings to heart, creating an environment that prioritizes group activities for seniors. Our signature programs and amenities are designed to:

  • Engage personal interests
  • Keep seniors physically and mentally active
  • Foster strong social connections

Join us as we explore how our communities put passion into independent living, assisted living, and memory care by emphasizing the importance of senior social groups. You’re about to discover the unmatched experiences that keep our community members connected, active, and, most importantly, happy.

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Unleashing the Power of Passion: The Signature Program at Civitas Senior Living

Our innovative and inspiring initiative, the Passion Program, is at the heart of Civitas Senior Living. This program encapsulates the essence of our philosophy and guides everything we do. It is designed with a deep understanding of the significant role that social groups and engaging activities play in the lives of seniors.

The Passion Program is a way of life that encourages seniors to live comfortably and confidently. It is a holistic approach integrating wellness, activities, nutrition, and personal growth. Our dedicated team creates a vibrant living experience for our residents. Let’s dive deeper into the features of this signature program and how you or a loved one can benefit.

My Wellness

My Wellness is a cornerstone of Civitas Senior Living’s Passion Program. We are committed to helping residents lead richer, healthier, and happier lives. The program integrates residents’ preferences into their care plans and facilitates regular communication among all parties involved.

Here are the key features to help you or a loved one stay healthy:

  • My Wellness Assessment for personalized health care services
  • My Service Agreement for individualized support with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • My Care Conference with residents and family members to adjust care plans
  • The Passionate Pass to respectfully manage medication
  • Innovative Technical Integration to use software to keep plans up-to-date

Our communities believe in providing a seamless, pleasurable living experience unparalleled in the senior care industry.

My Activities

Life should be filled with joy, engagement, and a sense of purpose at any age. This belief is the driving force behind My Activities.

As part of this program, we curate a diverse range of activities based on our residents’ personal preferences and passions. From intellectual pursuits like book clubs and board games to walking clubs and tai chi, My Activities caters to varied tastes and hobbies.

These activities are designed to enhance overall well-being. For instance, our fitness programs help improve physical health, while our Art Throb Club classes stimulate creativity and cognitive skills. Similarly, our social events, parties, and excursions foster camaraderie and a sense of community among residents.

We continuously seek feedback from our residents to ensure the activities remain engaging and relevant. Their input helps us refine the program and introduce new activities that align with the evolving interests of modern seniors.

My Food

Good nutrition is crucial for seniors, and My Food takes care of this aspect. Our culinary team prepares nutritious and delicious meals that cater to different dietary needs. Family members and friends are always welcome to join us for a meal, making dining a social event.

Our menus are far from boring, and there are all kinds of fun ways to celebrate one of life’s greatest pleasures:

  • My Recipe
  • My Community Signature Dish
  • My Birthday Meal
  • Themed Dinner
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Weekly Chef Features
  • Seasonal Sips
  • MINDful Menu
  • Chef Selections

My Passion Pathway

Personal growth is a lifelong journey, and My Passion Pathway makes growing in our community easy. This part of the program introduces new residents to a community ambassador who will show them the ropes and introduce them to new friends. You can also expect a housewarming party and access to various social programs.

Civitas Senior Living | Seniors doing group swimming activities
There’s nothing quite like the group activities for seniors at Civitas communities.

Beyond Passion: Family and Senior Social Groups

While the Passion Program is at the heart of our philosophy, it’s not the only benefit that sets us apart at Civitas Senior Living. Senior living should be a fulfilling experience for our residents and their families.

Family Nights and Celebrations
At Civitas, we understand the importance of family. We host regular family nights and celebrations, providing residents and their loved ones opportunities to create beautiful memories together. We also offer caregiver support groups, offering a platform for family members to share experiences, learn, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their journey.

The Sagely App
Staying connected with your loved ones has never been easier. With the Sagely app, family members can effortlessly check on their loved ones and stay updated about the events happening within the community. This easy-to-use tool fosters a sense of connection and peace of mind, regardless of distance.

Fit For You
Keeping fit and active is crucial at any age. Our Fit For You program includes seated exercises specifically designed for seniors. These exercise classes promote physical health, improve mobility, and contribute to overall well-being while being gentle on the body.

My Miracle Moments: The Unforgettable Civitas Experience

Picture this: soaring in a plane above the clouds, sailing on a serene boat voyage, renewing vows with a cherished partner, hosting an extravagant birthday party, or even witnessing a marriage. These are not just daydreams. They are Miracle Moments.

My Miracle Moments is a program that celebrates the lives of our residents by making their dreams come true. We recognize that each resident carries a wealth of history, wisdom, passion, and a trove of dreams waiting to unfold. And we’re here to help bring these dreams to life.

Once every quarter in each community, we dedicate time to celebrate these extraordinary individuals, creating new memories with them and their loved ones. From intimate moments to grand events, our My Miracle Moments program aims to make every resident feel unique and cherished.

So, what would your Miracle Moment look like? A hot air balloon ride, perhaps? Or maybe a reunion with old friends? Our communities are committed to making these dreams a reality. What better way to thrive than to experience your very own Miracle Moment?

Join Our Group Activities for Seniors and Live With Passion

At Civitas Senior Living, we create a home where senior social groups live passionately, surrounded by joy, engagement, and fulfillment. We invite you to experience this vibrant lifestyle firsthand.

Contact the community near you for a tour or to join us at an upcoming family night.

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