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The Monthly Cost of Senior Living: Amenities and Benefits

Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Assisted Living Amenities

When people think about Assisted Living services, the first thing that often comes to mind is personalized support for seniors.

Care services are undoubtedly a crucial aspect of senior living communities. However, the plethora of amenities and benefits surprise many.

At Civitas Senior Living, we take pride in offering exceptional:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care

We are also passionate about providing enriching lifestyles. Resident lives are filled with numerous amenities that cater to the unique needs and preferences of older adults. Join us as we explore the wealth of offerings beyond personalized care that sets Civitas apart.

Premium Senior Living Options Feature All This!

Chef-Prepared Meals

Dining is an exquisite experience for residents. Our professional culinary team ensures mealtime is a cause for celebration. Our restaurant-style dining room impresses. We also feature private dining areas to enjoy special occasions with family and friends.

Our chef-prepared meals go beyond mere sustenance. They take diners on a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds.

Every community Dining Service Director creates diverse menus that cater to individual dietary needs and preferences. Familiar favorites are also always available.

From sumptuous three-course meals to wholesome snacks, our residents can indulge in gourmet dining without the hassles of cooking or grocery shopping. The best part is sharing an engaging experience with your new friends and neighbors.

Housekeeping and Laundry

We understand that a comfortable living space is essential for the well-being of our residents. Our entire team is passionate about cleanliness.

Residents live in meticulously maintained homes thanks to our dedicated housekeeping team. This benefit ensures more time to enjoy hobbies and socialize.

Additionally, laundry services are provided, sparing our residents from the hassle of handling their laundry. A clean and tidy living environment is a priority at Civitas Assisted Living communities.


Maintaining an active and vibrant lifestyle is crucial for seniors. We provide convenient scheduled transportation services to enable residents to:

  • Explore the surrounding community and beyond
  • Get to doctor’s appointments
  • Make a shopping trip
  • Attend a cultural event
  • Enjoy lunch, museums, and scenic drives with their new friends

Social and Recreational Activities

Our signature Passion Program and My Activities is essential to nurturing residents’ mind, body, and spirit. Our diverse range of social and recreational activities ensures there’s something for everyone:

  • Art Throbs Club
  • Green Thumb Club
  • Yoga
  • Group outings
  • Games, puzzles, and trivia
  • Pet therapy
  • Worship services

Fitness Center and Walking Trails

Staying active is an integral part of healthy aging. We provide ample opportunities for our residents to engage in physical activities. Our fully equipped fitness centers offer tailored exercise programs and Fit For You classes.

Each community also features beautifully landscaped walking trails to encourage activity and friendship.

24/7 Team Members

Our communities have trained team available round-the-clock to assist with any needs or emergencies. Families can have peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are in capable and caring hands at all times.

Maintenance-Free Living

Maintaining a home is a significant hassle for seniors physically and financially.

One of the most liberating aspects of senior living is the freedom from home maintenance chores. Say goodbye to fixing leaky faucets or mowing the lawn. Our skilled maintenance team takes care of all the necessary upkeep.

Emergency Call Systems

Another home hassle and expense are emergency call devices and services.

Accidents and emergencies can happen, but with our advanced emergency call systems, help is just a button press away. Residents can feel secure knowing that immediate assistance is available whenever needed.

Multiple Housing Options

At Civitas, we understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to living spaces. That’s why we offer a variety of housing options. Senior-friendly homes vary by location but include:

  • Cozy Memory Care studios
  • Spacious Assisted Living apartments
  • Independent Living cottages and homes

There’s So Much More

Beyond the tangible amenities and services, Civitas Senior Living offers hidden values that create a warm and welcoming community.

The camaraderie among residents fosters a sense of belonging and friendship. Engaging games and activities bring joy and laughter, enriching the lives of residents daily.

Whether residents are singles or couples, our community provides a fulfilling environment where they can live passionately.

Choosing Civitas Senior Living means embracing a lifestyle enriched with an array of amenities and benefits beyond personalized care. From exquisite dining experiences to engaging activities and 24/7 support, our community is designed to make the golden years truly golden.

Join us and discover the joy of senior living at its finest.

Make What’s Included Yours!

Find a Civitas Senior Living community near you to get started. Contact them and indulge in the resort-inspired benefits and amenities that await!

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